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Coping with stress or trauma

After an accident, a fall off the horse, or perhaps a psychological scar – manifesting in physical or mental distress – internal blockages can arise. Traumatic experiences are associated with severe stress situations, threatening our wellbeing. These experiences influence the way we think, our decisions, attitude, feelings/emotions, body posture, and movements. We no longer feel free, but experience queasiness in mind and body: the mental barrier has completely taken over.

But now we bring "IT" back to us! Our resources have simply shifted into the background due to the incident. You have not lost your abilities, resources are always available. After all, our abilities, strength, and skills are with us at all times.


So, let's do this: Thanks to the mental work, you are able to re-activate these resources and experience yet again freedom in motion and skills.

Congratulations, you did it!

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