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Success is never final.

Failure is not fatal.

Getting back up is all that matters.

From young rider to Olympic star -

dare to take the next step towards your success story!


The desire to change does not automatically bring along success. Only precise mental programming of your goals will effectively steer you closer towards the desired outcome. Only if the inner attitude is right, all those good strategies will be useful. Existing dogmas determine your actions and consequently success. First, you must be aware of your own dogmas and your inner communication. Only then you can transform them, meaning to replace negative beliefs with positive ones and thus succeeding.

- That's what we're going to work on. HERE WE GO:

  • building mental strength; performance skills; positive self-image

  • mental preparation for competitions - groundwork for important competition dates

  • deal with emotions and stress the right way (work with the stress instead of against it)

  • build strengths; develop courage and calmness

  • gain confidence, self-awareness, and self-assurance

  • movement coordination; Train Coordination on a mental, emotional and physical level

  • learn to direct attention properly in order for concentration build up

  • deal with warm-up/preparation and in-the-ring-situations.

  • mental plans: feel safe en route - action plans, movement sequences

  • anxiety/insecurity issues, nervousness; fear of failure

  • success analysis, monitoring, mental technique training

  • deal with defeat and mistakes: gain experiences instead of failures

  • maintaining motivation - looking for "stress" (new situations/more experiences)

  • deal with competition situations compared to training environment (judges, audience, competitors)

  • sport-psychological components/self-empowerment/self-management

  • relaxation techniques, effective breathing techniques

  • formulate and visualize goals - meet your goals!

  • fear during particular situations - warm- up, certain jumps, etc

  • after a fall / accident

When asking professional riders what they are thinking during their most successful moments, their answer is often a nonchalant "nothing". This is only misleading at a first glance. When examined more closely, this answer unveils a deeper meaning: the riders experience a free head. Physical coordination, thoughts, feelings, body, movement, they experience the flow state - a very real state of mind that allowed the riders to give their absolute best.

Undoubtedly, vivid pictures and thoughts were running through their heads. However, they only focused on the thoughts and images that were actually helping them reach the task in front of them and help them to accomplish their goal.


Mental training teaches you to automatically coordinate important and required movements, resulting in a free mind as your plan of action is already in place. This results in a sense of security and pure concentration. The body will not only perform, but precisely obey your thoughts. Trust and security are your pay-offs.



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